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One womans journey

FKS recognizes that industry knowledge, honesty and partnership along with high level priority customer service are the most critical components to being the top facilities mangement partner for our clients.

FKS has over 20 years of comprehensive knowledge and experience in facilities management.  FKS specializes in nationwide grease trap pumping & used fryer oil programs, all aspects of commercial plumbing services, hood/exhaust & fire safety services. FKS knows what it truly takes to deliver time and cost effective results to our clients.  

"I began my facilites journey over 20 years ago.  I've been in the 'trenches', and have worked side by side with clients and vendors  job sites- doing the job- to educate myself and become an expert in my industries.  I have one goal - to provide honest, cost effective strategies for my clients-no excuses, only solutions."

-Beth Olson, Owner/CEO FKS Facilities

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