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Tired of costly time consuming exuses - FKS has the timely cost effective solutions! 

Why FKS is the better choice. 

  • Decades of real world industry experience, both operationally and in the field.

  • Analytically mindful to recognize trends via historical work order data. 

  • FKS Site Surveys. Inspecting what's expected, identifying opportunities and flagging potential liabilities.* 

  • FKS understands that a 24hr/365 concierge-like level of support is required to ensure clients know their service needs will always be handled day or night. 



FKS knows no bounds. 

​From sea to shining sea.


FKS is able to provide a range of dynamic facilities services across the United States. 


FKS thinks differently. 

FKS' goal is to be the go-to-company for FMs across the country and an aggregator providers can actually trust and grow alongside with. 

FKS understands what it takes to inhabit that role and the value of provider honesty. FKS isn't interested in being a flash-in-the-pan vendor, but a trusted, longtime partner clients can depend on to do what's truly needed. 


FKS to the rescue.

FKS offers support 24/7, 365 days a year. We are always just a phone call away.         888-304-0563


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